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Customer Testimonials

Scott and Vicki, Heber Springs, AR

"It was a good experience having Willie to build and remodel our home. He was very conservative with our money and materials and his reputation of honest made it worry free."


--Scott and Vicki, Heber Springs, AR

Troy, White Hall, AR

"I have known Willie through my son, Rick, and Willie’s son, Casey, for some years starting when Rick was attending ASU in the early 90's. The 1st experience was when Rick's house in Little Rock was broken in and robbed. The robber broke the house's front door and Mr. Stone came all the way to Little Rock to replace the door for us. I thought this was a very nice jester.


We contacted Willie to see if he would build the home and he consented. He assisted us with suggesting someone to help with the plans, securing a construction loan and about everything associated with the construction. Every where you go in Heber Springs, the merchants know Willie Stone and truly think of him as good craftsman with good character. Anywhere you went in town, when you mentioned Willie was your contractor, all would comment- well you have the best.



The merchants would tell my wife and me that they will be glad to work with Willie because he knows what he is doing and does it correctly. We were fortunate to secure Mr. Stone because we were over 100 miles away and could not frequent the site very often. But when we could visit, we would call Willie to discuss the construction. He always came over and was always patient and helpful. He never got upset when we would "think" of new stuff to all.

Our home in Heber Springs is a very lovely place, with so many details.



Everyone who visits our home remarks about the superb craftsmanship. Yes, we are real proud of the cabin. I always found Mr. Stone to be a very fine honest Christian gentleman that could really be trusted. 


An embarrassing situation for me was when he contacted poison ivy while working on our home and had to seek medical treatment to stop the itching. I've since killed most of the PI so he won't contact it when he visits us again.


Thanks for a great job- Mr. Willie Stone"



---Troy, White Hall, AR

Nancy, Heber Springs, AR

"Willie Stone is a legend in his own time. At least in Cleburne County!!

I think it was at least eight years ago when I first heard the name “Willie Stone”. Seems everybody I talked with knew the name and praised his work as a builder. Even better, he was always described as an honest and honorable man.When my husband died I decided to sell my house and strike out on my own and have a house built. I was terrified at the thought. I have heard that during the construction of a house there have been divorces, murders, and suicides as a result of the stress involved. One visit from Willie and I knew I had nothing about which to worry.It was eight months before Willie was able to start my house but I was determined to wait as long as it took. Willie and his crew were so patient with me and all the changes I wanted made along the way. Building the house was a painless experience…at least for me. Not too sure Willie would agree?


One thing I do know for sure: Willie is definitely the honest and honorable man everyone says he is and is a pleasure to know.By the way, Willie, I sure do need a storm door installed and I know you are never busy. How about it?"


--- Nancy, Heber Springs, AR


Ed, Heber Springs, AR

"Willie D Stone--you always remembered my favorite comment "just keep it cheap". In addition to being a great builder, you and your family are our friends and we've appreciated that relationship so much. Also, you are very laid back, which helped you "negotiate" with Erin during our construction process. I never worried about the quality of your work, or the honesty with which you conducted business, because I could see the pride you took in producing the most well-built home possible, and you were always attentive to any concerns we might have. Thanks for everything, Willie, YOU'RE THR BEST!!!!"


---Ed, Heber Springs, AR

Greg and Debbie, Heber Springs, AR

"It didn't seem to matter what we asked... Willie and his crew were ready and able to pull it off for us. We would show him photographs in magazines and say, "We want it to look like this," or "That's what we were thinking," and they would make it happen! Willie helped us get all of the little added, "extra touches" that make a home a custom home, like extra-wide window sills, special trim detail on all of the door baseboards, and the utmost attention to all of the little details. He selected sub-contractors he knew would give us the best possible outcome, and his standards were extremely high. If delivered lumber and materials didn't meet Willie's approval, they went right back to the manufacturer.


We are certain we tried Willie's patience by having house plans drawn, then abandoning them 2 weeks before construction began, in favor of a plan we found in a catalog. When the new plans actually arrived, the design of an upstairs bed and bath suite was not correct and simply could not be constructed (you couldn't stand up in the shower!). Willie wasn't fazed... he just redesigned the suite, and the result was even better than the original, with the added bonus of a gigantic bedroom closet that proved to be invaluable storage space.


Our house took approximately 6 months to complete, and by the time we were finished, Willie Stone and his family and crew were part of OUR family, and we remain in close contact still. In fact, we have subsequently had Willie and his crew handle remodeling work on 3 other properties.


We are so glad we were able to secure Willie Stone Construction for our building project. When people ask us who built our house, we can proudly say, "Willie Stone... the finest builder in the area."


--- Greg and Debbie, Heber Springs, AR

Thanks Willie!

We looked at houses in the area with a realtor. We were impressed by the quality and features of one house and asked about the builder. That was the first time we heard Willie Stone’s name, but definitely not the last. We were talking with our banker and he thought we should build what we really wanted, instead of settle for what was available. We asked him about local builders and he told us about several good builders, but said Willie Stone is the best. We began looking at building materials, trying to nail down just what we would like to have built if we decided to go that route. While visiting with local suppliers, we would ask them about local builders. Again, several builders were mentioned, but the only name that everyone mentioned was Willie Stone.



We purchased a lot and began looking at house plans. Once we decided on a plan, we contacted a few builders and asked them to consider building our house and provide a cost estimate. When we met with Willie, we knew we wanted him to build our house. We would tell Willie what we wanted and he was always positive, never trying to talk us out of anything. But he also provided us with information about options we had not considered. As construction progressed, we began to depend on Willie’s knowledge and experience, asking about techniques, materials, finishes before we made a decision.



Our primary home is in Jackson, Tennessee. We couldn’t be on site daily or even weekly. Willie’s son, Casey kept us on-site electronically. Both Willie and Casey contacted us by cell phone and email with questions or to remind us of time lines on decisions we needed to make. Casey was fabulous to make photos of progress and email those to us. It was just like being there. I could almost smell the sawdust and paint. This is our 4th new home construction project. The other 3 were local for us (Jackson, TN area). The Stone construction site was always neat and orderly. We were more confident and comfortable with this construction project than any of the previous projects.



Willie Stone Construction is a family business and we developed a deep respect for the Stone family; Willie’s dry wit, slow charm and unsurpassed skill and artistry; Vangie’s level head and administration; Casey’s energy and ability to find the perfect marriage of old fashion skill and quality with the latest technology. They are ROCK SOLID folks, solid integrity, solid faith.



We love our river house. We are confident that it has been constructed with care and quality. We believe it is built like Stone Construction would have built it for themselves or a family member, rock solid. We love to come home to our river house.



Thanks Willie!

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