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Without much of a choice Casey grew up in the building industry.  He knew it was hard work and not in his career path.  After college he went to work for Acxiom Corporation in Conway.  It was a good place to work and the pay was great but after several years he felt this wasn’t where he needed to be.  That’s when his Great Adventure  began.  God began to lead him to the same path of his dad’s.  After a BS in Marketing and 8 years in Corporate America he traded his briefcase for a nail apron, his Khakis for Carharts™, and a constant 72 degrees for the constantly changing Arkansas weather.  

In January 2005 he joined Willie Stone Construction to ensure quality homes will continue to be built for another generation.  In February 2014 Willie retired.  Stone Custom Homes continues the tradition that hundreds in Cleburne County expect; honesty, integrity, and quality.  Joining Casey on this Adventure are his wife, Felicia, and three daughters.


Stone Custom Homes believes in keeping your money at home.  That’s why over 95% stays right here in Cleburne County.  All but a couple of our sub-contractors and suppliers live locally.

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